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If you feel like there’s no roadmap for understanding your changing body and achieving optimal health after 40, you’re right. I want to change that.

I’m Maryann Jacobsen, a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition. I’ve spent the last 15 years researching and writing about developmental stages and how they relate to nutrition and lifestyle.

When I took on midlife, it shocked me to discover very little definition around midlife development.

Most of the focus is on menopause. And while it’s good for women to understand their options during the transition, they also need to learn what their aging body needs. In short, they need to know what to expect with this developmental stage.

As I work on my book for midlife women, I’m sharing what I’m learning. But it’s become more than just writing a book.

I’m reaching out to researchers, policy makers, and health experts to bring recognition to the midlife developmental stage. Midlife should be written about in textbooks and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. And we need more research!

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Maryann Jacobsen

A registered dietitian specializing in women's midlife health.